About Us

Over 20 Years of Dance Excellence with Director Heidi Klecak!

Stafford Academy of Dance LLC is located at 46 Main Street in Stafford Springs, CT. The studio has been educating local young women and men in dance for generations. Originally The Marjorie Serafin School of Dance, the business passed from teacher to student 11 years ago, and The Stafford Academy of Dance LLC was born. The current business honors and carries on the traditions established by Mrs. Serafin. Stafford Academy of Dance LLC provides instruction to young students through the Creative Movement and Creative Dance programs. Beginner through advanced levels of Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz and Modern make up the core curriculum. In addition, two levels of Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Lyrical are also offered. Classes are taught by educated and experienced Instructors, in an atmosphere that fosters creativity, attention to technical detail, self-awareness and respect. Stafford Academy produces highly skilled dancers and energetic performers, but does not participate in dance competitions. A philosophical difference exists between those who wish to win trophies with the best tricks, and others, such as Stafford Academy who choose to focus on the art of dance, solid technique and performance quality without the added stress of competing against peers. We believe that goals for dance students should be based on their personal level of achievement – with each individual striving to improve above what they achieved in their lessons the week before, the month before, and the year before. With the guidance of caring and capable teachers, students can excel (and have fun) in this environment. Stafford Academy of Dance LLC strives to keep costs for families as low as possible. An annual spring dance recital is produced each June. Two performances allow intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to perform in more than one show. The youngest students perform in one show only, which parents appreciate. Dress Rehearsals and Recitals are highly organized and efficient. During the school year, many fun-filled traditions help to create an atmosphere of joy and teamwork amongst the student body, staff and parents.

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